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Local Pros in Junk Removal

You have spent the entire weekend pruning shrubs, mowing the lawn and clearing unwanted vegetation. It’s only fair that you allow yourself rest while we remove the debris and yard waste. Our junk removal specialists at Landscape Martin Lopez will remove the organic waste. If you will not use it for composting or don’t have recycling bins nearby to dispose of them, we will take the waste off your hands. Avoid the unsightly nuisance that can kill your turf, clog your drains and prevent your soil from receiving proper nutrients from the sun and water. Call us for assistance.

Junk, Debris and Yard Waste We Take

We provide professional junk removal service for your lawn care needs. Our experts gladly remove:

  • Leaves
  • Tree branches
  • Cut shrubs
  • Grass clippings
  • Weeds and diseased plants

Avoid keeping yard waste that can impede your lawn’s ability to thrive. For junk removal service in San Diego that meets your lawn care needs, turn to Landscape Martin Lopez. We strive to help you care for your landscape by responsibly recycling any yard waste and junk. Junk and other waste can create an eyesore for your lawn and leave you with undesirable work to manage. Let our California junk removal company assist you before your lawn goes neglected.

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